April 18


Music has always been part of my life in so much I listen to it when I need to be uplifted, when sad or even I am doing the housework as it makes it go faster.

When I first discovered music in my teenage years in the 1970s-1980s I was only really interested in what was then called Heavy Rock, now called Classic Rock, and I used to be arrogant not to listen to any other music as I always thought it was garbage and not worth the effort.

But as I have grown older and in part thanks to myself discovering Second Life my music taste has widened to now include ebm, Industrial, noise and even those songs which I once thought were garbage and not worth the effort.

It seams my music taste has mellowed much as I have as I’ve got older but I still have a soft spot for the Classic Rock and now I have even started to listen to Streampunk music.

So enjoy my music taste much as myself as it can be a bit surprising!